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THE GAME DOES NOT FREEZE WHEN USING THIS LINK: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/244133350/ (may not look as good or not look right, look closely for the background to tell if you are drifting) 

Please Note: this game is designed to be a relaxing experience rather than the "next fortnite" please keep this in mind when rating (I would appreciate it!). Also, Use Headphones For The Best Experience! 

This is for the gamemaker toolkit gamejam. It is a shooter game where you shoot yourself into things to gain energy and earn points. The theme was a game missing a key mechanic (a shooter without guns in this case). Everything is created by me including art, music, and code. 


Mouse to aim and shoot.

You can only move once you have stopped.

Clicking farther away shoots you faster but takes more energy.

Enemies are randomly spawned.

Thanks - Noah


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pretty cool game!

ps: thanks for the link :D

Neato game!  It seems to lock up about every 15 seconds before returning to normal functionality...

Try it with the link in the description, I think it has to do with the flash player on the page rather than the game, thanks for playing ;)